Nomic Game

Current Roster
and player status
Turn Sequence Posessions Quatloos Status
Jesse Bouncy ball
15 None
Anders Big ball
Gold Nugget
Orange Hat [8/21]
30 None
Randy Bouncy Ball (2)
Dart Gun
Gold Nugget
Purple Hat [8/21]
39 Big Ball Challenge Scribe
Jon Bouncy Ball (2)
Red Hat
6 None
Daffy Duck Bouncy Ball (2)
4 None
The Grinch Bouncy Ball (2)
20 None
Julian Bouncy Ball (2)
4 None
Shelly Bouncy Ball Windup Wombat 4 None
A yellow background indicates an inactive player

Current Proposals
Player Proposal Number Proposal
Anders None None
Jesse None None
Jon None None
Julian None None
Randy None None
Shelly None None

The Rules





Resolving Disputes

All disputes shall be resolved in good faith by the Scribe, whose word is final. Trust the Scribe; the Scribe is your friend. (Note that disputes generally suggest the need for proposals to add or clarify rules to avoid the dispute happening again.)



After the vote for a rule is complete, a player is awarded 1 quatloo if at least two people voted for the rule. If the rule passed, the player is awarded an additional 2 quatloos.



A quorum of 50% must come from eligible players in order to pass a proposed rule. If the quorum is less than 50%, the proposed rule is defeated.



The winner is the player with the most toys when the game ends.



There are seven hats; each hat has a different color.
The following hats and powers are defined:

Red:The wearer receives two votes.
Orange: At the end of every Thursday, the wearer
    of the orange hat (if any) receives a
    bouncy ball. Bouncy balls are toys.
Yellow: The wearer receives 2 Quatloos at
    the end of the day on every Tuesday.
Green: The wearer of the Green hat
    is protected from having things
    thrown at him/her. This includes,
    but is not limited to, the Big Ball
    and darts.
Blue: The Windup Wombat will skip the wearer in
    its rotation.
    The blue hat is a toy.
Purple: The purple hat has the power of invisibility.
    The wearer may ignore taxes without penalty.
Black: Any proposal the wearer votes on has
    quorum automatically satisfied.


Email Vote Formats

All vote emails shall have headers beginning with the text:
"[Nomic] proposal ##"

where ## is the proposal number For purposes of this game, email headers do not begin until after such terms as "Re:" and "Fwd:"


First Vote Against

Once voting has ended for a proposal, the first person to have voted against the proposal (if any) is awarded one Quatloo.



Before voting has ended, any player may spend 10 Quatloos to veto a proposed rule.

No one may ever have a negative number of Quatloos.


The Official Roster

The Scribe shall maintain a roster of current players and turn order and post the roster on the web page. Players may be removed or added at their request.


Starting Quatloos

Upon joining the game, any new player will receive quatloos equal to the player with the fewest quatloos minus one


Acquiring Hats

Players can acquire hats in 2 ways:

1: If no one has the desired hat, it costs 3 Quatloos to get the hat.

2: If another player has the hat, it costs 3 Quatloos to initiate a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors. Whoever wins gets the hat. Ties require another round of Rock/Paper/Scissors. The next neutral player in the roster after the initiator serves as impartial judge.


Inactive Players

Any player who has not voted nor proposed a rule in 168 hours will have the status of inactive.

When it is a player's turn, if that player has a status of inactive, he automatically passes without the time passing as set in the rule on Acting Upon Proposals.

An inactive player is not counted in quorums for the purpose of the rule on Quorums.


Maximum Quatloos

The max number of Quatloos that may be accumulated is 50, as measured at the end of the current turn.

Excess Quatloos will be distributed in this order:
        Virtual players such as Daffy and Bugs;
        newest player(s);
        equally among lowest scorring players


Only One Hat

Players may only have 1 hat at a time.

Players receive 1 quatloo for tossing a hat back into the ring.


Hat Challenge Timeout

When playing Rock/Paper/Scissors for a hat challenge, if a player does not respond to the challenge within 48 hours, he automatically chooses 'Paper'. If both players timeout, the desired hat is tossed back into the ring.


Rules Precedence

When rules conflict, the lowest numbered rule has precedence unless one rule explicitly takes or yields precedence to the other. If the rules conflict in precedence, the lowest numbered rule take precedence.


Daffy Duck

Daffy Duck will be a player in the game. When his turn comes, he will always pass.

On each proposal, if the proposing player is wearing the black hat, Daffy Duck will vote 'Nay' on the proposal.

Otherwise, if the proposing player is wearing another hat, Daffy Duck will vote "Yeah" on the proposal.

Otherwise Daffy Duck will abstain.


More Veto Powers

If a rule is vetoed, the rule may not be resubmitted for a second vote unless every other player besides the vetoer agrees to override the veto.

The vetoer also has the power to declare that a new proposal is too similar to a vetoed proposal, and counts as a resubmission. Again, if everyone but the vetoer is unanimous, they may override the veto.


Once-per-Week Turns

Proposals are voted on once each week, with voting ending at 11:59 pm Saturday. Proposals must be sent to voters before 11:59 pm on Thursday evening (The ballot deadline). (Any proposals sent after that time must wait until the next ballot.) A rule sent by the proposing player to the pnomic mailing list will be sufficient to make it official.

Rules may not be revised after the ballot deadline. Each player must vote Yeah, Nay, Abstain, or any other word, by notifying the scribe that he is voting (the notification must clearly state the proposal being voted on, and the word of the vote). Any player who does not respond automatically votes "Abstain".

Once each player has voted, the scribe tallies the votes and announces them (saying who voted how for each player).

If there are more affirmative votes than any other words besides Abstain, the proposal is adopted, and the corresponding changes made to the rules (the changes do not actually take effect until after voting has ended. Rules are never retroactive.) Otherwise, the proposal is not adopted.

Each player may propose a rule for each ballot. Each player may have only one rule per ballot. When the rule is submitted to the scribe, he assignes it a unique number for voting. When the rule passes, it receives a new number and the voting number is deleted. The new number is the next available number for the list of rules.


Windup Wombat

There is a windup wombat in the game. It is a toy.

You cannot take posession of the windup wombat. When it is wound up, it moves to the next player in the roster, that player has posession. From the last player or if it is not posessed, the windup wabbit moves to the first player when wound up.

Any player may pay 3 quatloos to the bank to wind up the windup wombat as long as the player does not have the black hat. If he does have the black hat, he may wind it up at the cost of 5 quatloos and the sacrifice of a bouncy ball.


Wombat Taxation

If you have posession of the Windup Wombat you may declare a tax. Each player must give you 2 quatloos or return his hat to the bank with no compensation. If a player has no hat, he may ignore the tax.

A tax cannot be declared if one has occurred within the past 168 hours.


End of Game

The game ends when there are fewer than 4 human players or more than 50 rules.


Judging Rock/Paper/Scissors

If an inactive player is the designated judge for a Rock/Paper/Scissors contest, the next neutral active player replaces the inactive player as judge.

When a player is the judge of a Rock/Paper/Scissors contest, the judge must announce the results of the contest within 48 hours. If the results are not announced, the contest initiator gets the 1 quatloo fee back, and the defender is paid 1 quatloo by the lapsed judge. The judge also forfeits any hat and does not receive the quatloo deposit back.


Rock, Paper, Scissors

a) Rock breaks scissors b) Scissors cut paper c) Paper covers rock


Dart Gun

There is a dart gun in the game, it is not a toy. If unowned, the dart gun can be purchased for 7 quatloos if the player's most recent proposal was defeated. A dart can be purchased at any time for 2 quatloos. Only one dart can be owned at any time.

Within 24 hours after voting concludes, The owner of the dart gun can shoot a hat off any person who's proposal passed. Only one dart can be fired following any voting period.

The person who loses his hat is HURT, and cannot purchase another hat until healed.


Gold Nuggets

Players can purchase gold nuggets. A gold nugget costs 31 quatloos. At any time, a player may trade a gold nugget for 30 quatloos.


The Grinch

The Grinch is a player in the game. He will not propose rules.

The Grinch votes against all rules unless he has more money than the person proposing the rule. Money is equated as:
quatloos + (30*gold nuggets)


No Fractions

For all items in the game, there shall be no fractional parts. After all actions are performed, all non-integer values will be increased to the next integer as if using the mathematical ceiling function.


Big Ball

There is a big ball in the game. It counts as two toys.

The player with the big ball may throw it at another player. All balls belonging to the target player are taken and redistributed, one per player, starting with the player after the target player. This continues through the list of players in the roster, and continuing at the start after the last player, until all balls are redistributerd. The redistribution includes the original target player. This is in the manner of the game Mancala.


Acquiring Big Ball

Players acquire the Big Ball in the same way they acquire hats.



Bouncy balls are medicinal. A player may eat a bouncy ball, and be changed from hurt to healed. Eating a bouncy ball destroys it.


New Player Reward

Any player who gets a new player added to the game, will receive 2 quatloos when the first player has one of his proposals become a rule. The new player must announce within 24 hours of joining the game who his sponsor is.


Proposal Restrictions

Proposals for votes may be for new rules, revisions to existing rules, or alterations of the game state.

For example, an alteration to the order of turns would not affect the rules, but would alter the game state.

Game state alterations are voted upon identically to rule changes. Proposals are assumed to be proposals for new rules, unless explicitly stated otherwise.


Debt Collection

If a game-related debt has not been paid in 168 hours. The player due the debt may declare it seized. The thing owed shall be taken from the player owing the debt and given to the player who is due the debt. The player owing the debt will be further fined 1 quatloo if he has it.

If the player owing the debt does not have whatever is owed. The debt continues to be owed and the player claiming seizure is fined 2 quatloos.



If any player wears the same hat for more than 2 months, that player goes bald.

Taking off a hat, and putting the same hat back on, does not cure or prevent baldness.

Taking off a hat, and putting on a different hat, does prevent baldness, and reset the amount of time it takes for baldness to ensue.

Once bald, a player must wear no hats for 2 months to cure the baldness.

Counting does not begin until after the passage of this rule.


No Proposals

If no proposal is made during a week, then all players lose the first and last item (alphabetically) in their Posessions list. If they posess multiples of an item, they only lose one of the item, even if it is both first and last in their posession list.


Dart Gun Challenge

If a player has the dart gun, another player may challenge for the dart gun.

A neutral judge is chosen in the same manner as other challenges. The challenger will declare "odd" or "even" at the beginning of the challenge.

Each player in the challenge will email an integer to the judge, and the judge will announce the total. The oddness or evenness of the total will determine the winner.

Starting a challenge costs 7 quatloos. A player may only start a challenge if the player's most recent proposal was defeated.


Dart Challenge

If a player has the dart, another player may challenge for the dart.

The judge is chosen as in a hat challenge.

The challenge is a Rock/Paper/Scissors challenge and follows the same timeout rules as the Hat Challenge Timeout.

Last tax date: June 20, 2005

Last updated: September 12, 2005.